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The Lost Years

Exhibited: as part of 20/20 at Nottingham Writers studio, 2017

The Lost Years is a body of work focusing on memory, reconnection and displacement. After 10 years away from Lebanon and extended family, I spent 2 months getting to know the way of the land, the people and my family. Feeling disconnected from the country I was born in (the UK) trying to resonate with my Lebanese heritage was the beginning of a self-study as well as an exploration of a country rich with culture, that many do not hear about.

The chosen images were exhibited alongside the  video, which was filmed in 2005 (the last time I went to Lebanon as a child), by my father and sister. The visual content is primarily situated in my Jido's home and around our village.

Lebanon 2005
تشغيل الفيديو
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