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You have your Islam and I have mine

Exhibited: as part of Array at Nottingham Trent University, July 2019

as part of Off-Centre festival at Backlit Gallery, November 2019

You Have Your Islam And I Have Mine is a series of portraits, focusing on young British-Arab women who identify as muslim. Each woman has a connection to the photographer and have been brought together by the photographer to bond, learn and relate to one another. With each woman having a lack of exposure to their faith and culture outside of the family, coming together has provided them with new teachings and interpretations of the religion; each woman providing their own thoughts, ideas and discussing their own relationship with their faith. 


The portrait series presents these women, who are often deemed as oppressed, holding their power. Connecting to a land that is argued as not theirs, and simply being in a state of contentment and strength in who they are despite the negativity thrown at them. 

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